Nexus One

Oh glorious day, the Nexus One is now available for purchase in Canada!

I’ve been feeling less and less enthusiastic about the iPhone lately, in particular after the ridiculous lawsuit against HTC. It’s no secret that we at Navarra have been doing quite a bit of work on that platform, as have my associates at Mindsea. As long as there’s demand from our clients, that won’t change, but as an individual I’m feeling less and less enthusiastic about supporting a company that (through its actions) demonstrates hostility to the ideals of autonomy and innovation that I hold dear. Now that an attractive alternative is available on reasonable terms, I’m seriously considering switching horses in the not-too-distant future.

2 thoughts on “Nexus One”

  1. I’ll be honest, I never jumped on the iphone bandwagon, don’t get me wrong, amazing phone, just I couldn’t get sucked into a contract at the time. Hell, I even developed an app for the iphone with @calvinjien and we took 3rd place in a contest at Dalhousie University. I seriously looking forward to the Nexus One, now that I’m in US though I gotta decide whether to go with AT&T or Verison…

  2. I’ve always maintained that while the iPhone platform is quite nice, it’s not the kind of platform you want to bet a company on. Either Apple holds too much power over a small startup with the possibility of just cutting them off, or they just plain go nuts over something important, and you’re generally screwed, iPhone-wise.

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