Announcing the Eideticker mobile performance dashboard

Over the last while, Clint Talbert and I have been working on setting up automatic mobile performance tests using Eideticker (a framework to measure perceived Firefox performance by video capturing automated browser interactions: for more information, see my earlier post).

There’s many reasons why this is interesting, but probably the most important one is that it can measure differences reliably across different types of mobile browsers. Currently I’m testing the old XUL fennec, the Android stock browser, and the latest nightlies.

I’m pleased to announce that the first iteration of the dashboard is available for public consumption, on my site.

Eideticker Results

The demo is pretty cheesey (just click on any of the datapoints to see the video capture), but nonetheless does seem to illustrate some interesting differences between the three browsers. The big jump in performance for nightly comes from the landing of the Maple branch, which happened earlier this week. Hopefully this validates some of the work that the mobile/graphics team has been doing over the past while. Exciting times!

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Eideticker mobile performance dashboard”

  1. @Chris We don’t have any current plans for this, but I assume it will happen eventually. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Right now most of a-team/releng’s energies are focused around getting Talos stable and providing reliable data. As you know, there are some things Eideticker measures that Talos doesn’t/can’t, but I think we’ve got a ways to go before Talos is working to its full potential as a regression-finding tool… and until that point is reached, I think there’s more bang for our buck in focusing resources there. The good news is that some of this work will be directly relevant to Eideticker as well.

    Meanwhile, Eideticker should be useful input for product/marketing folks who want to make sure that what we put out is better than the competition. :)

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