Hi! My name is William Lachance, though most people just call me “Will”.

I’m an (early, as of this writing) fortysomething software developer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada currently working at Voltus on demand response technology for the electricity grid.

From 2011–2022, I worked at Mozilla (as in Firefox) in Data Engineering and Engineering Productivity. Virtually everything I did at that time was done in the open, so much of the historical content on this blog has to do with my work there.

I’ve worked on a bunch of things over the course of my career, but a unifying principle has been trying to help people understand the world around them. I try to help people think critically about business problems and build computational systems to help them do this.

More broadly, I am interested in open systems, accountability, and helping people achieve their potential.

Other random facts:

I try to be judicious about using social media. That said, there’s a bunch of places you can find me: