A planet to call our own

Nov 18th, 2011

Just a quick note that a planet for Mozilla Tools & Automation (the so-called “a team”) is now up, thanks to Reed Loden. With the exception of Jeff Hammel, everyone there was already being syndicated on Planet Mozilla, but this should offer a more focused feed of our doings for those who can’t always keep up with the firehose. Have a look:

Who should care? Well, we maintain all the major testing frameworks like Mochitest, Reftest, and Talos as well as automated tooling for QA like Mozmill. Our latest work is focused on making sure that Firefox is as robust, responsive, and performant as possible on desktop and mobile. In short, if you’re writing or verifying code from mozilla-central, what we’re doing probably affects you. Please let us know what you think about our projects and whether there’s anything we can do to make your job easier: we’re listening.

Quick bonus note: It’s not immediately obvious (or at least it wasn’t to me), but Mozilla has some fairly finely tuned infrastructure for running planets. If your team or group wants one, it’s definitely better to plug into that instead of rolling your own. 😉 Reed Loden is the maintainer and the source lives in subversion.