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Apr 30th, 2018

Just wanted to give a quick update on some things that have been happening with the metrics graphics since I stepped up to help with maintainership a few months ago:

  • Hamilton’s back as co-maintainer! This has been especially helpful as he understands much of the historical context of metricsgraphics better than I do.
  • We’ve merged in a large number of small fixes and improvements into the codebase, thanks to myself and a number of other contributors. Special shout-out to Thomas Champagne, who has contributed a large number of nifty new features.
  • We moved the project from Mozilla to its own organization on github. This feels like a much better way forward for a project which is supposed to be useful far outside the bounds of Mozilla, and hopeful makes contributors feel more like the first-class citizens of the project that they actually are.
  • We have a GSOC intern! As part of the Mozilla GSOC, Yunhao Zheng is going to be working on adding rich brushing/zooming support to Metrics Graphics, which should be quite useful for visualizing complex data in projects like Perfherder (Project outline, Yunhao’s proposal)